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About Us - Why Choose Us

Welcome to Vanier Community Catholic School

Vanier Community Catholic School affords a well-rounded education, rooted firmly in the core areas of language arts, mathematics, social studies, science, and religion. Social skills education, computer technology, library/media programming, physical education, and fine arts support these core areas. Overarching this solid, comprehensive curriculum is our Catholic identity.

Catholic school teachers strive to teach as Jesus did, helping children to learn the message of God's word, working together in community, and experiencing the chance to perform service for the benefit of others - message, community, and service. That is the essence of Catholic school teaching, as well as the ideal example of a Catholic school graduate, which the board of Living Waters has set as a primary focus for the future.

Our school is very welcoming as we live daily the motto of Caring and Sharing. We have a strong family core at Vanier, with many children whose families come from diverse cultural backgrounds. This rich mix of cultures gives all our students the opportunity to gain an appreciation and respect for each other on a very personal level. To paraphrase Jesus, to know someone, is to love them.

Tradition is rich and deep here. When I meet people outside of our community and mention our school, I am frequently met with an excited reply of familiarity or some kind of connection to our school. Vanier's influence runs deep and wide in Edson's Catholic community and beyond. Many children have grown up and prospered under our care and teaching.

The present faculty, staff, and administration team have an awesome task, in carrying out this legacy. Our commitment to you, as we look deep into the 21st century, is to work towards our mission statement, "Learning Together in our Catholic Community." The staff of our school looks forward to an exciting academic year working collaboratively with the students, their parents, and our Sacred Heart Parish Community. If we are successful and done our job well, we will see our students walking out our door with God's message in their hearts, the skills and desire to work in community with others, and the natural response to be of service wherever there is a need in the world.


Dawn Melnyk, Principal